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Best selling products in veterinary medicine

Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer Mindray Vetube 30

Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer Mindray Vetube 30

Compact Size, Integrated Technology

Vetube 30 utilizes advanced microfluidic technology, preset the diluent and lyophilized reagent on rotors. After adding the samples to the rotors, the analyzer mix the samples and reagent automatically, the pre-heating sys tem ensures the reaction at a constant temperature so as to output accu rate and steady results.

Veterinary immunoassay analyzer BIONOTE Vcheck V200

Veterinary Immunoassay Analyzer BIONOTE Vcheck V200

Bionote’s Vcheck V200 analyzer for veterinary fluorescence immunoassay can help point-of-care testing for various biomarkers, in-clinic at smaller practices and clinics. It helps check quantitative measurement of biomarker levels in serum, plasma and whole blood delivered for analysis via one of Vcheck’s 13 biomarker test strips. As a multiple test analyzer, the V200 can be used as a complement to your point of care lab for time-saving diagnosis and faster initiation of treatment plans along with significant cost savings per test. Vcheck is proven to be reliable, providing precise results rapidly.

Veterinary Auto Hematology Analyzer BC-30 Vet

Veterinary Auto Hematology Analyzer BC-30 Vet

Empowering You Through Simplicity
With over 20 years of experience in the hematology field, Mindray has always strived to meet and exceed customers’ requirements with innovative solutions. The newly launched BC-30 Vet hematology analyzer is the culmination of that effort with true 4-part differentiation. Compact yet powerful, full featured yet affordable.

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine Veta 5 / Veta 3

Veterinary Anesthesia Machine Mindray Veta 3 / Veta 5

Redefining Animal Anesthesia Machine